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Fresh equipment, car park, showers, changing room all there, everyone in there to train and help if needed


Honestly I am stunned. Amazing equipment, amazing atmosphere 24/7!!!!!!!!Proper gym. Clean and organized. Toilets and changing rooms are separated in two different floors so it doesn't smell . Very well managed so far. Great job

Good gym with a wide variety of choice

Cristi Branisteanu

Great gym been there for 3 years friendly staff

Mohamed Omar

been training here since 2013, everyone in the gym is kool, nothing to complain about, always someone there to help, gyms got character which a lot of gyms lack plus real machines and weights, shower, toilet and car park available

jah liss

“I’ll be honest — I used to hate exercising in Fitness Only Gyms. But at Dench Fitness Gym everything's so much fun, I come almost every day. The time flies by and I can never believe it when my Workout is finished.”

Quinn Davis

I Work out here, its a very good gym

Paul Blake

Very Nice People

Ayhan Gulyiyen

Been Walking out of here aching for years, Nice bunch of lads who are always willing to help you out. Great Local Gym.

Sajid Wahid

Testimonials: Testimonials
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