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Everything You Need to Know

Membership Rules

Have a look at our FAQs and find out answers to those questions that may be on your mind. There is no such thing as a stupid question, and we welcome all inquiries. Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Dench Fitness Gym always tries our best to help you.

How to use the Gym – New Procedures

Your Safety will be Our Priority.

New procedures have been implemented based on our 4 safety pillars: ​

  • Cleanliness and disinfecting

  • Capacity management

  • Professional and trained staff.

There will be a few changes to how you use the gym so please familiarise yourself with the procedures below:

  • Equipment and exercise locations will be clearly marked, please do not move equipment around the gym. 

  • Group exercise classes will be Suspended until further notice,

Cleanliness and Disinfecting: ​

  • Cleaning stations will be provided throughout the gym and members are required to clean their equipment before and after use with the cleaning products provided. (If you want further info on the cleaning products we use please ask)

  • Please wash your hands regularly and use the hand sanitiser provided.

  • Please wear clean gym clothes for every visit and do not bring a sweat towel

  • Showers and changing rooms are not available at this time.

  • You do not need to wear a face covering while exercising.

Professional and trained Staff: 

  • As always you can expect the highest standards of professionalism from the Dench Gym team. We’re here to help and support you so please let us know if you need any help.

We’ve also got some other exciting new things to look forward to including Goals. So stay up to date with us on social media.

Dench Gym Standard Membership Rules !

Dench Gym maintains and enforces Membership Rules to make sure that using our gyms is as safe and enjoyable an experience as we can make it for all of our Members.

We're sorry for being direct, but we reserve the right to terminate your Membership immediately if you do not abide by these Membership Rules.  We hope that you understand.

As a Member of Dench Gym you agree that you will:

  • Use your unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) every time you enter the gym.

  • Keep your PIN secret and not share it with or allow it to become known by anyone else.

  • Not share your entrance PIN with anyone else or allow access to any other person (we monitor PIN use and it’s easy for us to spot when people do this.

  • Strongly consider attending a gym induction, particularly if you are a first-time gym user, before using the gym for the first time as you are then more likely to achieve your goals (inductions can be booked via the website).

  • Carry and use a sweat towel to wipe down equipment after you have used it.

  • Not take bags onto the gym floor. 

  • Not make or receive phone calls on the gym floor.

  • Not take photographs or videos on the premises or post remarks or imagery to the internet that could identify another Member.

  • Replace equipment back onto the racks after you have finished with it.

  • Not drop or throw weights down on the floor (including in the free weights area).

  • Wear suitable clothing and footwear when exercising (denim, bare feet, flip-flops, boots or a bare torso are amongst the range of clothing choices that is unsuitable).

  • Use the gym facilities and equipment in a proper manner and not in a way that might cause harm to yourself or others (just ask a member of staff if you are unsure).

  • Not engage in any exercise activity that may be potentially harmful to you or others (this includes contact sports such as martial arts unless this is with one of our Personal Trainers).

  • Not use, block or interfere with fire, emergency or disabled access doors or alarms (except in a genuine emergency).

  • Not behave in an aggressive, abusive, intimidating, anti-social or threatening manner or in a way that might cause distress to staff or Members.

  • Not obscure your face when using the entrance or on the gym floor (for example wearing a helmet, baseball cap or hoody).

  • Not conduct any Personal Training business with other Members.

  • Come and go quietly so as not to disturb our neighbours.

  • Not use the changing rooms from Midnight to 5am when they are locked but instead you can use the toilet on the ground floor.

  • Use any parking facilities provided in accordance with the rules that the parking provider posts and may change from time to time (if you get a parking ticket we are not responsible).

  • Not park your bicycle in an unsafe or inappropriate location.

  • Put your litter in one of the bins we provide.

  • Not enter our premises whilst intoxicated.

  • Not engage in any type of criminal behaviour whilst on our premises.

  • Not sleep in on our premises.

  • Not cause damage to the premises, our or another Member's property.

  • Not misuse the vending machines.

  • Not force entry to locked doors.

  • Not eat on the gym floor.

  • Leave the premises before closing time (where the gym does not operate 24/7)

Terms & Conditions: FAQs
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