Body Building Weight Lifting Gloves & Wrist Straps

Body Building Weight Lifting Gloves & Wrist Straps


This is a Combined Offer which includes (Dench Gloves + Dench Wrist Straps)


Please select the gloves Size at Checkout, Wrist Supports Comes standard Size,


Wrist Straps - Extra long heavy-duty Cotton/ Canvas straps with padded for longer lasting use. Grip strap firmly when using. When you want to release the bar you just let go of the strap. A very cheap and effective training aid that can double the intensity of your workout,


Gloves - Light, efficient & hygienic - our latest Patent Pending weight lifting gym gloves were designed purely for comfort during those uncomfortable times. Versatile and long-lasting, these gloves can be used for weightlifting, cross-fit or even cycling

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